This area of our site is dedicated to the all important aspect of maintaining your firearms and keeping them in proper working order. Here you will find a variety of maintenance videos and cleaning techniques listed by different gun categories such as pistol, rifle, shotgun, etc. We hope you will use this portion of our site regularly to help keep your firearms in tip-top shape and good working order. If there is a particular firearm that you do not see listed here, click on our Contact Us link and send us a note on what particular cleaning/maintenance video you would like to see.
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Improve your Firearm Life

with proper tools!


1.Guide Gear Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Ever try to clean a gun and realize you are missing that one necessary item? You really need that one specific-sized jag, or that bronze brush that fits your barrel perfectly?

Well, this 62-piece gun cleaning kit has it all, and stores it in a handy carrying case. Now the only thing you need is some gun oil and cleaning solvent, and you are ready to get the job done right.


2. MTM Shooting Range Box

If you’re cleaning a rifle or shotgun, you must be careful where you lay down the gun to clean it or you might mar a stock. This great MTM product gives you a safe and secure place to put that cherished long gun without fear of scratches. Also, this box carries all of your gun cleaning equipment. Bring all your gun cleaning and shooting gear with you in one easy to carry package.


3. Gun Wipes

These gun wipes have a silicone treatment that allows you to wipe down your guns and avoid that dreaded surface rust. The gun wipes come in a 6 pack and are 4″x 11″ in size. Never forget to wipe down any firearm after handling it, and you’ll avoid rust from the salt in your hand’s perspiration.


4. Wheeler Professional Gun-smithing Screwdriver Set


Many times proper gun cleaning means using a screwdriver to get the job done. If you use the wrong screwdriver, you may do major damage by messing up a fragile screw head.

This 89-piece gun-smithing screwdriver set from Wheeler lets you select the right screwdriver. Toss your old screwdrivers and step up to the correct tools for the gun cleaning kit.


5. Break-Free CLP 16-oz. Gun Cleaner/Lubricant/Preservative

Break Free is well known as the do-it-all gun cleaning, lubricating and preserving formula. It will also work on vehicles and even boats. Keep some with you at all times for your cleaning, lubricating and preserving needs.